I'm a product and strategic designer currently based in New York.

Hiya there!

As a creative, I’m a strong believer in unfinished but complete–that experiences should keep evolving while also delivering meaningful values in each milestone and that collaboration is key, with all stakeholder including the customers.

I’m also passionate about consciously learning and un-learning whether in and outside the 9–5. I find joy in stories and I’m always thinking on ways I can empower people to be at the center of their own stories.

MS Strategic Design & Management @ Parsons NY
Product Designer (Contract) @ Kickstarter
Product Designer @ Ancestry
UX Design Intern @ Tactile Inc
Graphic Designer @ UW Sustainability Fund

What have I been up to?

Aside from the list on the left, many things! I  take pictures and develop my 35mm rolls, bake bread, find and make food, doodle my thoughts, fangirl over stranger's dogs, thrift shop, binge-watch murder mysteries, overspend on shoes, add songs to my 60+ Spotify playlists and many more.

Let’s talk! Say hi.