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helping people discover "where they're from"

helping people discover "where they're from"
Lead Designer, in collaboration with John Milly, Niko Edwards, & Shamar Joseph
Ancestry DNA

AncestryDNA is Ancestry’s at-home DNA kit product, enabling customers to find out their estimated ethnicities as well as their genetic relative among our 18+ million test-takers.

How do we meaningfully re-engage our customers after they got their long-awaited result?

Telling the Story of Your DNA

Being able to claim a small portion of the globe as your heritage is great and all, but our customers repeatedly tell us that the true connection happens on the person level. In the redesigned experience, we take our customers through these levels of connections. Starting from the ethnicity level, zooming into their genetic communities, and finally inching closer to that individual connections through their genetic relatives.

Through the stories of their DNA, we lead them through a journey of genetic genealogy and connect them to other family members in our community.

Sample of screens for AncestryDNA

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